People Tell Stories

“A tradition from yesterday that can change tomorrow”


Alan’s storytelling style enables him to reach any audience with his friendly, approachable and warm manner.
His vast experience as an innovative storyteller and workshop leader has led him to work with schools, community groups, businesses and on social inclusion projects.

His work as a professional storyteller includes projects which has enabled a local museum to work with the primary school children of North Cornwall to recreate legends from local history, festivals across the UK and working with families at Cornwall’s children’s centres.

Alan’s project work has been the enabling of minority & often excluded  groups within the community to ‘Find Their Voice’, using the medium of Digital Storytelling.  This brings the ‘Art of Storytelling’ into the 21st Century.

Members of the group were given the skills and support to create their own short “video” using free software to tell their stories without the filter of media companies.

By passing on the centuries old traditional skills of storytelling to otherwise silent minority groups in our community he enables and empowers their ‘Voice’ to be heard using 21st century technology.This is a truly valuable & thought provoking tool whose careful application, which Alan expertly leads, is of tremendous benefit in raising awareness, communication skills & fundraising for community, local government, schools & businesses, as well as groups. at risk of social exclusion.

“Storytelling is the undiscovered & untapped treasure house of communication skills that we all need for a successful 21st Century life. Businesses, schools, colleges & community groups everywhere can enjoy the benefits that he can unlock & deliver.”

Storytelling is one of the most valuable resources we possess!

At home, in the nursery, the classroom, the festival, the lecture hall and the boardroom – it has a place of value and distinction throughout our culture.


Alan’s unique style enables him to connect with people of all ages and he has a vast experience in working in the educational environment across the curriculum. He will help language ‘LIVE’ for those who are fortunate enough to take part in one of his workshops.

The ‘POWER OF STORY’ will enhance communication skills, hone speaking & listening skills & fire imagination – leading to the use of those powerful verbs & enchanting adjectives simply from a bag of nouns!!

Stories have beginnings, middles and ends. Alan’s workshops encourage the creation of word pictures that lead the stories’ characters effortlessly on their journey encompassing the difficulties, the crisis and the resolution necessary in all good stories whether it is Odysseus or The Little Red Hen.

“Story is not only useful for English, it can memorably imprint the appreciation of diversity in race and religion & social inclusion, link historical events (local or worldwide) with the imagination of both the creator of story and its listeners. It can allow us to enter the scientific world and experience the frustrations and exhilaration of experiment and discovery.”