Alan Woollard - Storyteller

People Tell Stories

“A tradition from yesterday that can change tomorrow”


Born and raised in the mystical (and misty) Fens of rural Cambridgeshire Alan enraptures & delights audiences from toddlers to grandparents with tales from Fairy to the Far fetched, from Spooky to Funny, and from Heart-wrenching to Heart-warming.

From working as the Resident Storyteller of a local Primary School, Alan’s experience has broadened over the years to include working with families, the unemployed, charities & museums as well as telling at a variety of social events, from After Dinner Functions to Celebrations, Businesses and Inset Days.

With our focus so fixed upon the electronic and our time such a precious commodity we are often uncertain how to connect and use our language to forge strong family and social bonds. Nothing brings us closer together than shared experience, and from 3 minute tales to interactive stories parents, carers, teachers and children can create memories that will stay for a lifetime encouraging the development of a caring and sharing culture in a way that nothing else can.

To unleash the imagination of those around you, to enhance your school’s curriculum, to energise your CPD days in business or education & to create the beginnings of a lifetime of shared and special moments in families.

Alan  will show you how a ‘Tradition from Yesterday’ can truly ‘Change Tomorrow’.

“Comes The Dark”
An  evening of stories at Altrincham Storytelling Club during Halloween!
Vampires, Witches and the Devil all came out to play.

Sample Clip of “Willies Lady” 
The story is well over 200years old as it was recorded as a ballad in the 1780s.
This version is with permission from Dan Kedding and told at a Cornish music and dance festival called Lowenda Perran 

Alan is at home in the Corporate training world as he is at an 80th birthday party.